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Youth lead us into 2017 demonstrating unity and perseverance...

on Mon, 2017-01-09 16:09








Sidewalk went with a group of 15 young people to Rock City skate park in Hull on Saturday 7th January...

The young people made use of the park’s ramps, rails and foam pit to try daring flips, whips and all sorts.

One young person persevered through bumps, scrapes and bruises to achieve his first ever scooter back-flip! We asked him …

Q. How did it happen?

A. Everyone was shouting at me, “Send it!”

The first time I just landed on my back, then they told me, “Push up. Pull hard. Spin fast!” So, I did what they said and I landed it!

Q. How did you feel?

A. I don’t know. I was amazed. Everyone was just shouting at me, going “YEAH!” I started laughing and then I said, “Let’s do it again!”

First I did it into foam. Then I was like, I’m just going straight for rezzy [padded surface] … and I landed it. After that, I face planted about 6 times. That hurt! I got friction burns everywhere, smashed my chin off my scooter bars and grazed my knees. Then I said to my friend, let’s do a back-flip-train [a move where people do the same trick in succession]. It took us about 3 attempts then we landed it!

Q. What’s your next goal?

A. Backflip to concrete

Q. How will you prepare?

A. Helmet, knee pads and lots of commitment!

What an inspiring sense of perseverance, comradeship and achievement! All the young people in the group had set daring goals for the day, and while some remained out of reach for a little while longer, nobody left Rock city saying, I was too afraid to try.

Other new experiences on the trip included over a quarter of the group travelling on the train independently for the first time. Hopefully this will open new possibilities for them in the 2017. While travelling, the group discussed working together to host a community Skate Jam at Hairy Bobs. 85% joined a planning team, offering their talents in design, promotion, health and safety, filming and stand-up comedy! Let us know if you’re interested in seeing this amazing event return in 2017!

Massive thanks to the team and the young people for making the Rock City trip, and our start to 2017, such a great success!

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