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The Big Sidewalk Ebay Sale!

on Tue, 2016-08-23 14:26

As part of our fundraising efforts this year we are holding 'The Big Sidewalk Ebay Sale' to raise money for the work of Sidewalk. We all have items lying around which we've been meaning to get rid of. We know they're worth something to the right person, but they might not be bested suited in a charity shop. Ebay is great for such items as you can reach millions of people with a few simple clicks.

We're looking for donations of items worth a minimum of £5 (anything less than that it probably best given to a charity shop). If you have anything that you think might be worth something and would like to donate it to the sale please email or call 01723 366186. We will be collecting items throughout september and uploading them as they come in. Many thanks for your support it will make a real difference!

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